Life has always seemed to work out for me. I don't know how else to explain the great fortune I have to be married to my amazing wife, Ann, and be surrounded by a loving and supportive family and group of friends. After spending almost six years in Los Angeles, I returned back to my roots in Northern Virginia. I have a great love of creating things, especially when there is a tactile result. This passion led to remodeling the 50+ year old home that I inherited from my Grandmother. When not in front of a computer or wearing a tool belt, I enjoy activities such as running, hiking, basketball, and snowboarding. However, my favorite use of free time is eating. From Wing Night to sushi, fancy four-course dining to Vietnamese noodle shops, if it is edible I will try it ... and most likely love it! I'm also the proud father of a Chihuahua named Tate, which was a present my wife received at her bridal shower. Tate is insanely obnoxious but highly amusing.


I was also fortunate to attend Lake Braddock High School in Burke, Virginia. It was here that I had my first introduction to computer programming, graphic design, and 3-D modeling and animation. Fantastic teachers provided guidance and freedom to explore this emerging field. Ready to take the world by storm, my mother had to forcefully coax me into attending college first. I chose James Madison University in Harrisonburg, Virginia, and I'm so glad I did. JMU provided a diverse environment to grow and learn as an individual while earning a Bachelors Degree in Computer Science from their newly formed College of Integrated Science & Technology.


Straight out of college I worked in Northern Virginia as part of an IT department, developing the company's intranet while also helping out with network and hardware support. With a yearning for adventure I packed up and headed to Los Angeles, where I first worked contract jobs through a placement agency. My favorite of these contracts was with SiegelGale, a premier branding company that provides interactive solutions as part of their service. My next leap was to the Academy of Television Arts & Sciences, where I was hired as the webmaster of Here I gained valuable experience managing site content, facilitating a complete site redesign, working with department heads and board of governors, and interfacing with various vendors. Primarily for family reasons, I returned back East in late 2005 and decided to work as a freelance developer, often collaborating with Once Blind Studios. In 2009, I decided to return to full-time employment as I joined IDI Multimedia and am currently heading up their web services department.

On a different note, I also interject myself as much as possible into my Father's latest endeavor, Lion & Bull, an American style restaurant in Haymarket, VA. It is fun, fast-paced, and allows me to utilize my love of food and people!