The internet today is a vast array of information, collaboration, community, e-commerce and innovation. Stepping into the world wide web can be intimidating. If you need help choosing a web host, registering a domain name, turning ideas into a functional site, or adding the latest technologies to your existing site, together we can make the best decision for you.


The most successful projects begin with a detailed plan. A website is no different. There are many factors to consider such as who and where is your target market, how you can best display your information or services, developing a project timeline, and most importantly a realistic budget.


No matter what you see, if it doesn't occur naturally in nature, than somebody designed it. Good design can help you visually stand out in your industry. It can literally attract customers. Design can also make or break the usability of your site, something often times overlooked.


Once you've decided what you are going to do and how you are going to look doing it, its time to get dirty. Using the standards-compliant HTML and CSS insures your site is cross-browser friendly. Powerful server-side languages such as PHP, utilizing web friendly database services like MySQL, help turn your static website into a dynamic content delivery machine!


Congratulations, you have a website! What now? You may need training on how to use your content management system. You may need periodic updates that require a photo editing or programming and you don't have the necessary software or expertise. You may just not have time to do any maintenance. I can provide an array of different maintenance, support and training services to you and/or your company.